Lab Rat 4 First Day on the New Job

“The post-testing re-configuration function does not self-activate.”

“Agreed, even though the stressor is well within the design parameters.”

Quorn and Halt were peering down at Daniel’s puddled form on the floor of what Daniel had started to privately call his Temple of Doom.

This was the fifth time they had melted him with heat the equivalent of a small supernova.

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Lab Rat 2 Being Processed

Zith sighed as he sat down. He had just poked his head out his door to survey the waiting queue, all seated on tatty plastiform seats.

He only had an hour left of his work day, and there were at least fifty of them out there. The current occupant of his office was huddled under an offensively fishy blanket. An adult male, type III bipedal humanoid, level III sentience, no obvious pathology, psych assessment not complete.

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The Itch of the Twitch

(apologies to Harvey Tyson)

The two of us were elbow deep in mud. Water was dripping down my neck, and rolling, in icy driblets, between my shoulders. We were lying on our stomachs peering out from our hastily contrived hide. Our binoculars were glued to our faces.

The steady torrent of rain caused the scene to constantly flicker and shift.  All colour was bleached into a drab grey-green. Something flickered in my peripheral vision.

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Lab Rat 1 Unexpected Endings

“You idiot!” The tone was venomous, “it’s still alive.”

“What? No! It was absolutely dead when I pulled it.”

“Obviously not!”

As if on cue, the prone form twitched, and gave a gasp as it sucked air into its lungs.

“Quickly! Hand me that pole!”

There was a hollow “thunk”, as the pole connected with the round head.

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Annie’s Song – Olwen Anstelholm

The utilitarian desk was swamped with heaps of paperwork. Folders, files and scraps of paper, collected in drifts of dreary neglect.

“It’s either this or a retraining, Olwen. You have no idea the strings I had to pull to get you onto this project. You are not exactly the most popular protégé the Institute has produced.”

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