#8sunday May 10 , 2015 Scott’s Story 6

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. This is my submission.

These are the next few lines to one of my (as yet untitled) works in progress. (As before, I have included one of the preceding sentences for continuity,  they have been edited to fit the sentence limit.) 

#8sunday May 10 , 2015 Scott’s Story 6

She remembered, wryly, that Kohlin had spent more time preparing her musical instrument for interstellar travel than he had on her.

Her brief had been just that – need to know, and she, apparently, did not. Her weapon had been bio-engineered to be triggered by only her mark. Again, she wasn’t sure if she should be insulted or not. This job was a glorified delivery which required none of her training and discipline, or skill – deliver, deploy, depart. The payload was a neurotoxin that was coded to the mark’s DNA. He would be dead five days after her performance at the official opening of the Intergalactic Mining Conglomeration’s rare earth mineral processing plant. By that time, she would be light years away.

The previous 8 sentence snippets of this story can be found here.

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13 thoughts on “#8sunday May 10 , 2015 Scott’s Story 6

  1. Oh so fascinating and very different. Can’t wait for more of this, especially whatever goes wrong because inevitably something will, right? Just seems too easy, but in a good, foreshadowing way. Great snippet!

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  2. Sounds like our soon-to-be assassin thinks she’s better than this job she’s been assigned. But… it also shows she’s not as prepared as she thinks she is (at least in her head), because things never work out as “easy” as they should… because we write them that way, and because we know this guy named Murphy who wrote this Law…. 😉

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  3. I like the ideas you have here, Kim, on the smart weapons, both her gun and the neurotoxin. Very cool. It separates her from the kill, right? I wonder how she feels about killing deep inside?

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  4. Interesting eight. You line about ‘deliver, deploy, depart’ implies she isn’t actively going to put the neurotoxin in the mark’s bloodstream, so I’m wondering how it’ll do its job.

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