#8sunday May 17 , 2015 Scott’s Story 8

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. This is my submission.

These are the next few lines to one of my (as yet untitled) works in progress. We pick the story up a few paragraphs later. Orida has settled into her temporary accommodation and checks up on her travel-abused instrument.

#8sunday May 17 , 2015 Scott’s Story 8

A gentle chime signalled the placement of the sound-dampening field.

Released from its case and wrapping, her varvitos gleamed golden. The five hundred year old instrument was satin beneath her fingertips. She was always amazed at how warm it was to her first touch. It glowed with a life all its own somehow imbued deeply in the wooden grains. She cradled and strummed it. As she expected, it sounded sourly discordant, shaken out of its usual mellow tone by the rough entry into the planet’s atmosphere.

An hour and a half later it responded sweetly to her touch. Yet another three hours slipped away as she surrendered to its magic. Each exercise flowed from her fingers and the instrument effortlessly, with the ease of thousands of repetitions.

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