#8sunday May 31 , 2015 Scott’s Story 9

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. This is my submission.

These are the next few lines to one of my (as yet untitled) works in progress. We pick the story up a few paragraphs later. Orida has settled into her temporary accommodation, checks up on her travel-abused instrument and works out a few stiff muscles.

#8sunday May 31 , 2015 Scott’s Story 9

Finally, satisfied with her preparations, she laid the instrument on its silken shroud on her bed.

Stripping down to her utilitarian undergarments, she flowed through all the Guild Forms that had been a part of her every day since the age of fifteen, when she had first walked the Guild Hall floor. The stiffness of the interstellar flight forgotten, the cramped quarters and stale air unremembered, she gave herself fully to each movement. Again, the memory of a thousand thousand practice sessions washed over her, drawing her deeply into a meditative state. Only when she had executed each move to perfection did she stop, breathing deeply, covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

Central Processor, please prepare a radiant fluid bath.”

Rummaging in her carry all she retrieved a nutrient bar and hydration sachet. She consumed both automatically.

The bath frothed with the electrochemical cleanser. Having stripped, she stepped into its warm flow, and gave herself over to its energy.

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15 thoughts on “#8sunday May 31 , 2015 Scott’s Story 9

  1. Very alien and yet so very normal and modern…. Her need for practice and ritual to relax, the snacking and then the energizing “bath”. Nice world-building.

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