#8sunday June 21 , 2015 Scott’s Story 11

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. This is my submission.

These are the next few lines to one of my (as yet untitled) works in progress. We pick the story up a few paragraphs later.  Her performance over, Orida meets the dignitaries at the reception.

#8sunday June 21 , 2015 Scott’s Story 11

Citizen Orida.” He brushed his thin colourless lips across the top of her hand, as was his custom. Had she not been introduced, she would never have thought the slight, nondescript man could be Grantor Ulvelec, the head of an empire that spanned half of the worlds of the known universe. His worth, in financial terms, was so great that a new word had been created to describe the number.

Your execution was… flawless,” he paused, still holding her hand. “Such presence and musicality. You truly opened our souls to the universe.”

Her performance that night had been one of her better renditions of the Pleiades Prelude. She smiled, “Such high praise from such an accomplished man. My thanks Citizen Grantor, I am honoured to have been invited to perform at such an auspicious occasion.”

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15 thoughts on “#8sunday June 21 , 2015 Scott’s Story 11

  1. A word created to suit his financial value, yet he’s a thin, colorless, nondescript little man… I have a feeling he’s going to more than a challenge for her.

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  2. Absolutely love that they had to invent a new word to describe how rich this guy is. Take that Donald Trump and Bill Gates! We still have language for your paltry wealth. LOL Excellent snippet!

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  3. As a description, “thin, colorless lips” really works, as does the extra hand holding. I’m not sure what kind of man he really is (friend, foe, or target), but I kind of want to pull my own hand away and wipe it on my skirt just reading this. 🙂

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