#8sunday June 28 , 2015 Poem

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. This is my submission, although I missed the deadline. Today I offer a poem.

This week there was a great sadness in our extended family. As a writer, sometimes words are the only thing I have to make sense of life. My submission today is in memory of a young man who died too soon.

#8sunday June 28 , 2015 Poem

26 June 2015

Sweetly seductive sleep.

Temporary oblivion.

Escape from the bleeding edge of life.

Ditches of self destruction

dug too deep,

Pain tumbles to the ocean.

The ebb and flow

of Eros and Thanatos

heave and swell.

No place to hide

from this eternal now.

Make it end.

The illusion of separation


in flesh and bone.

Voiceless screams deafen and mute.

There is no antidote

for this soul poison.

The burdened clouds weep

on freshly turned earth,

crushing perfume from

Chrysanthemum and Rose.

A pause between scenes.

89 words Kim Magennis 2015

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15 thoughts on “#8sunday June 28 , 2015 Poem

  1. I came to check on you, to see how you’re doing, Kim. This poem just cut right to my heart. I attended a funeral a couple of weeks ago. A young coworker’s husband. His ditches of self-destruction were dug too deep.

    When we are young, when this happens, we wallow in the why. We have a burning need to understand, to have someone gives us a reason… And then we grow older, and we comprehend the utter emptiness that comes from knowing that there is no reason, there is no why…

    An enormous hug to you!

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    1. Thank you Teresa. That is no small point you raise there. Our quest for meaning can be our undoing. If we can’t assign it to our lives why go through any discomfort, let alone pain? Why deal with addictions or bad personality traits? Why try for success? Sending much love back.

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  2. The Vulcans would say, “I grieve with you.”

    And I do. July is a difficult month for me; grief can be still fresh even a dozen years later, and even when the life lost only spanned a dozen days.

    May you and yours find peace and healing, and know that I am grieving with you.

    Your poem is lovely; a poignant tribute.

    Sending much, much love.

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  3. It is hard to LIKE such bereft sentiments, your words have effectively caught our emotions. Two snippets from this poem are heartrending, “Ditches of self destruction
    dug too deep,” and “The burdened clouds weep on freshly turned earth,”

    So sorry for your loss, may your good memories help to sustain you and bring you forward from this terrible time.

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  4. So sorry, Kim. A heart wrenching poem. I’d like to interpret the last line as a pause before moving on to another place. A better place, I hope, for your loved one. My condolences.

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  5. So sorry for your loss. Your poem poignantly conveys the agony of the survivors and how they try to find ways to cope. Even nature cries with the rain on the grave. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

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  6. My condolences. I hope capturing how you feel in words helps start the healing.

    I like the ocean symbolism–sometimes life can feel like a wave crashing over you again and again, just as you try to get your footing.

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