#8sunday September 6 , 2015 Birdie 06

Hello it is time, again, for Weekend Writing Warriors! This is my next 8-sentence-snippet in my latest short story.

#8sunday September 6 , 2015 Birdie 06

After the introduction of our main character, we discover that she is a haunt, who had been made homeless by the demolishing of her childhood home, she takes to wandering the streets where she is unexpectedly gifted with the attention of a stray ginger cat. Every day the cat goes on a mission. One day, our haunt decides to follow it.

The read the preceding text click here. The story continues with the following 8 sentences:

The door burst open and the cat scrambled with practised speed.

“How many times,” howled the enraged gargoyle of a man, “have I told you to get rid of that cat?”

As he roared, I saw his arm rise, in slow motion, brandishing a thick metal frying pan. He lunged at the girl and swung. Without thought, I launched myself between them, and felt the full force of his stroke on my shoulder and back. I threw myself over the child’s cowering shape as he stepped up and rained more heavy blows down on us.

Wondrously, the consistency of my no-longer-present flesh and bones seemed to be enough to convince him that he had dealt with his intended victim, and just as suddenly he was gone. The slamming door shook the ramshackle building.

© Kim Magennis 2015

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5 thoughts on “#8sunday September 6 , 2015 Birdie 06

  1. Her extra abilities reminded me of the movie “Ghost”and the scene on the train when Patrick Swayze learned he could train some of his strengths. Very compassionate scene, I loved it.

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