#8sunday September 13 , 2015 Birdie 07

Hello it is time, again, for Weekend Writing Warriors! This is my next 8-sentence-snippet in my latest short story. They have been edited to fit the 8-10 sentence requirement

#8sunday September 7 , 2015 Birdie 07

This story is told from the point of view of a ‘haunt’. She is trapped in a limbo of homeless wandering, when she meets an orange cat and its human child. 

The read the preceding text click here. The story continues with the following 8 sentences:

I rolled off the child and lay in the dirt, dazed, battered and bruised.

“Come Miss! Come!” Unbelievably I felt a tug on my hand. “He will come back, we must hide!”

She dragged me to the bushes and into the scrub, away from the railway line. I crawled and scrabbled in the dirt, finding stillness after an eternity of flight.

I woke to the child gently wiping my face with a grubby damp patch of her ragged dress.

© Kim Magennis 2015

Please, let me know what you think.Your comments or impressions are always very welcome. Alternatively, let me know you were here by clicking on the ‘like’ button below. To see what the other Weekend Writing Warriors have submitted, please click on the link below

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32 thoughts on “#8sunday September 13 , 2015 Birdie 07

  1. I have not read the previous selections, I will now as this piece has really grabbed my interest! I look forward to more (as time allows, not a lot of time to participate at the moment but I will try) your writing is too good to miss. Thank you for posing and sharing your talent with us all. Michelle


  2. I also know the pain of having one more child than I can ever again hold. I hope that the girt, the haunt, and the cat can find some symbiotic happiness together. I’m about to go for a walk with my girl, but I hope to come back to read the bits I’ve missed. Lovely snippet, as always!

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  3. A very interesting and unexpected twist. It may be that the child NEEDS the haunt and so therefore can see her, then again, children are much more sensitive than most adults. A real curiosity builder.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read once, Chelle, that in the past, speculative fiction was about making the strange, ordinary. The comment went on to say that nowadays, our goal is to make the ordinary strange. I liked that idea — a lot 😊


  4. Something strange and intriguing is going on but I don’t know what. That isn’t a complaint; I like how you haven’t succumbed to the urge to spell it all out for us, but instead lure us on with incidents that are almost-but-not-quite explicable.

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