#8sunday October 04 , 2015 Birdie 09

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! This is my next 10-sentence-snippet in my latest short story. I have included the last sentence of the preceding piece for continuity

#8sunday October 04 , 2015 Birdie 09

This story is told from the point of view of a ‘haunt’. She is trapped in a limbo of homeless wandering, when she meets an orange cat and its human child. After an encounter with the child’s abusive father the trio escape into the nearby wilds.

To read the preceding text click here. The story continues with the following 10 sentences:

As soon as I met its gaze, it trotted up to me and butted my forehead with its striped head.

“He’s saying thank you Miss. Thank you for saving us. Dad was gonna kill us this time. For sure.” The words were made more appalling by their matter of fact tone and the youth of the voice.

I lost count of how many times I wandered in and out of consciousness. But every time I opened my eyes, the child and cat were there. I receded into the darkness, again and again.

When morning broke, I awoke to birdsong, and the tickle of mousy hair against my nose and cheeks.

© Kim Magennis 2015

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31 thoughts on “#8sunday October 04 , 2015 Birdie 09

  1. This is quite a story and so well done, I keep thinking about it. Intriguing excerpt today – the cat is clearly important (as cats always are, right?). Seems to be a lot at stake here, yet to be revealed….

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  2. I’m really curious about Birdie and how she fits into this world. I’m so glad she’s there for the child…and that the child and the ginger cat are there for her, too…

    You’ve really pulled me in!

    Liked by 1 person

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