#8sunday November 22 , 2015 The Unwanted Package

Greetings Weekend Writing Warriors! I have chosen something much lighter to share in this round of snippets. These are the first 10 sentences in a sci-fi short story about a down-and-out human called Daniel. (Creative editing alert, there are a lot of REALLY short sentences. Apologies to my devoted friends who got to read this series earlier this year.)

#8sunday November 22 , 2015 The Unwanted Package

“You idiot – it’s still alive!” The tone was venomous.

“What? No! It was absolutely dead when I pulled it.”

“Obviously not!”

As if on cue, the prone form twitched, and gave a gasp as it sucked air into its lungs.

“Quick! Hand me that pole!”

There was a hollow “thunk”, as the pole connected with the round head.

© Kim Magennis 2015

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