#8sunday December 13 , 2015 The Unwanted Package 4

Greetings Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 10 sentences in a sci-fi short story about Daniel, whose carefully planned and executed suicide turns out to be an inexplicable failure. Waking up, locked in a tiny cage, he discovers that his presence is a significant problem, to at least two others, too. Daniel listens in to their argument.

#8sunday December 13 , 2015 The Unwanted Package 4

“It was just a little error in timing,” the first voice started, defensively.

“Well, a live specimen is not a little problem! We are only authorised to  take dead specimens! We don’t even have forms for the kind of stuff up you’ve just made. And here I am, just months from retirement! You really are the worst kind of incompetent!”

“What if we…”

“No! Let me think!”

There was the unmistakable sound of paperwork being shuffled.

© Kim Magennis 2015

You can find the preceding sentences here, for continuity.

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34 thoughts on “#8sunday December 13 , 2015 The Unwanted Package 4

  1. Ooh, I see, I think. He was supposed to be dead, but they pulled a Sound of Thunder and scooped him up before he was actually dead. I wonder how long it will take the grumpy one to suggest they could make the specimen dead, and pretend that was how they collected ‘it.’

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  2. This seems like a dark comedy, which I absolutely love. It does sound as though they are thinking of finishing him off, just so they can fill out the correct paperwork. This is priceless! I really cannot wait for more. 🙂 Excellent snippet! (Reminds me a little of the movie Heaven Can Wait!)

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  3. Uh-oh, Daniel really messed this up, I’m sure he is going to wish his attempt had worked, or… he’ll fight like the dickens not to let them finish the job. Good snippet.

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