#8sunday December 27 , 2015 The Unwanted Package 6

Welcome Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 10 sentences in my short story about Daniel, whose Last Day did not turn out as expected. Rescued from an attempted suicide, he awaits his fate, locked in a tiny cage. (This snippet was edited to fit the sentence requirement- the original is detailed in the link below.)

#8sunday December 27 , 2015 The Unwanted Package 6

Since he had not been included in the discussion, he decided to hold his tongue, and quietly mull over his options. Not that there looked like there were any, but mulling would entertain his mind while he waited.

“Not the sharpest tool in the shed, our Daniel.” Mum would make no bones about it, especially to anyone lucky enough not to have been afflicted with knowing the agonising details of his pitiful existence.

No point in making a break for it, even if he got the chance. He didn’t think his odds for success and future prosperity were high anywhere he was considered a mere ‘specimen’.

Endless minutes were punctuated with the loud ticks of a slightly jaundiced clock that hung on the grey wall he was facing. It was one of those with just the hands. What was worse, the long and short hands were just about the same length. So, it was either about ten minutes to three, or it was a quarter past ten.

© Kim Magennis 2015

You can find the preceding sentences here, (including the original text of this snippet) for continuity.

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