#8sunday January 10, 2016 The Unwanted Package 8

Greetings Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 10 sentences in my short story about Daniel, whose Last Day did not turn out as expected. Rescued from an attempted suicide,  locked in a tiny cage, he awaits his fate.

#8sunday January 10, 2016 The Unwanted Package 8

“Look, I am really sorry about the …”

“You never learn, do you?” It was Irate. “Stop talking to it!”

The tarpaulin was pulled off the cage, leaving a slight haze of dust. Daniel was facing an unprepossessing steel tray, wedged against the intersection of two equally dismal walls.

“Un-latch the cage.” There was a fumble of keys and chains, which rattled through the cage bars. “Three, two, one… push.”

© Kim Magennis 2015

You can find the preceding sentences here  for continuity.

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29 thoughts on “#8sunday January 10, 2016 The Unwanted Package 8

  1. I reread the snippet after reading Ed’s comment and it did change my perspective – now I wonder if this isn’t purgatory or some place where he will have to prove himself if he wants a second chance at life?

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