#8sunday January 22, 2016 A dish best served cold

Hello there, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the first 10 sentences in  my contemporary short story about a woman who chooses to even the score. For the next few weeks I will be sharing her story. The idea of  what happens when people recreate themselves – in all sorts of ways – fascinates me, so here is my new offering…

#8sunday January 22, 2016 A dish best served cold

His fingers were deft, cool and gentle on her face.

“A lift here, some volume here, and we can erase these lines here.”

She knew she looked as soul weary as she felt. She was tired beyond imagination or hope. There was not a single spark of enthusiasm or energy left.

She patiently bore his ministrations, his voice gentle, coaching her after-treatment procedure.

“Remember: no sun, no saunas, and no pressure on the injected areas. I will see you in two weeks for your follow up.”

She paid, with an uncharacteristic lack of concern. Going for broke was turning out to be surprisingly liberating.

© Kim Magennis 2016

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27 thoughts on “#8sunday January 22, 2016 A dish best served cold

  1. Interesting but can she really fix whatever is her internal conflict by doing all these procedures? And ooh shivery needles!!! Enjoyed the excerpt, will be curious to see what happens next. Her weariness is so well conveyed.

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  2. I loved her detachment. It was almost as if the doctor was speaking down a long tunnel and he was just a blur in her peripheral vision as he walked around her. It was cold, I loved it. And I loved the last sentence. It showed her desperation and just how far she’d go for her appearance. Scary. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She’s going through the process like an automaton and it reminds me, so appropriately, about those women whose faces are (temporarily) frozen after botox treatments. And yes, the pic creeped me out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Chelle. I think you make an interesting point. Up until now, she has been frozen, in a way. Accepting second best, allowing others to put her down. I think she feels she has little joy or choice in her path.


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