#8sunday January 31, 2016 A dish best served cold 2

Hello there, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 8 sentences in  my contemporary short story about a woman who chooses to even the score. For the next few weeks I will be sharing her story. The process of her external transformation continues…

#8sunday January 31, 2016 A dish best served cold 2

Two weeks later, after her follow up with the doctor, the hairdresser and beautician clucked and cooed, painted, tugged and plucked. Marian’s drab mousey hair was magically imbued with highlights, low lights, shape and texture.

“You apply the product so, and direct the heated air so…”

Her face was framed in a shining crown of gold and chestnut, with subtle undertones of mahogany. And her eyebrows now soared, in graceful arches, above her  golden brown eyes.

The rest of the afternoon of the gala had passed in a blur of surrealism as she submitted to the attentions of the team she had hired for her preparation. She now stood, in front of the full length mirror, and admired their handiwork.

She was completely unrecognisable, which was the point. Her newly contoured body was encased in a daring, fire-red, strapless gown.

© Kim Magennis 2016

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34 thoughts on “#8sunday January 31, 2016 A dish best served cold 2

  1. Yes, she is still so detached. Unrecognizable, but why? I’m very curious as to why she went through all of the preparation. Way to draw me in!! LOL

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  2. This is a nice continuation from last week. I love the sense of detachment. She wants to be someone else, she wants to look different, yet even when she accomplishes this, she still feels nothing. She doesn’t look in the mirror and smile. She simply looks. Love it and I love these snippets. I look forward to more!

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