#8sunday February 7, 2016 A dish best served cold 3


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Hello there, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 10 sentences in  my contemporary short story about a woman who chooses to even the score.  The process of her external transformation completed she arrives at the Gala event… I have edited the first sentence for continuity.

The full satin skirts  of her daring, fire-red, strapless gown billowed against her legs. Her feet peeped out in crystal encrusted sandals. The tips of her fingers and toes were painted the same shimmering red as her slightly curled lips. Her boss, Todd Eccleston, would not know what hit him. But being the consummate conman that he was, he would go with the flow. And only, when it was too late, would he realise the significance of her appearance.

The limousine deposited her at the door at the appointed hour. Mere minutes before the start of the proceedings. She hurried up the deserted city hall steps and into the foyer. The doorman was about to close the banquet hall doors when he caught sight of her.

© Kim Magennis 2016

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32 thoughts on “#8sunday February 7, 2016 A dish best served cold 3

  1. Wow, what a great description! Her ensemble becomes a character of its own–a dangerous character that has me pulled in and intrigued to know what’s in store for her conman boss! Nice snippet.


  2. I like the phrase The full satin skirts of her daring, fire-red, strapless gown billowed against her legs.after that it kinda becomes an info dump. if she is dressed up and being taken by a limo, you can assume she has painted fingers and shoes.

    I also like the quick conman and the doorman locking up. That’s adds interest. I’d read it.

    Liked by 1 person

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