#8sunday February 28, 2016 A dish best served cold (second last)

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 10 sentences in  my contemporary short story about a woman who chooses to even the score.  

In answer to Cara’s comment last week: here is the first-ever blurb I have written about any of my work!

Marian undergoes a secret, 8 month long physical transformation in preparation for one event – one night: the Advertising Industry Annual Awards Event where the well-heeled and well-connected rubbed shoulders with the business-rich and ad-world-famous. As runner up to the Winning Ad Campaign, in a move which causes some surprise, she arranges to introduce the Winner, on stage, in front of everyone who is anyone in the Industry. Unrecognisably sexy and polished she meets her arch-nemesis on stage Todd Eccleston – her boss, and the architect of her misery.

Delighted with his surprise and burgeoning ‘interest’, she continues, solo, with her speech… (I have left some out – see the link below – to alleviate boredom, and the agony of anticipation :-})

“This year, there was only ever one real contender.” She smiled again. “The winner, as you will see, was exactly the right candidate for receiving such an honour.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the curtains behind her opened, “please watch with us, the Winning Campaign which was the brainchild of Andrea Williams and her Team.” More applause thundered across the room. She leaned forward into the microphone, and when she was certain she had everyone’s attention she said, “Please be sure to watch the credits.”

She walked off the stage, out of the wings, into the foyer, and out onto the steps of the hall.

Her limousine drew up, and she slipped into the leather-musky interior. “We will make good time for your flight, mam. Your luggage is in the boot.”

© Kim Magennis 2016

You can find the preceding text here.

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My apologies for my delayed response to everyone else’s posts this week: I will be on a week-end-long workshop. But I promise to drop by. (Just so that you know: even if I don’t comment I have visited, I share on Twitter where enabled.)

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Oh! And if you are into VERY short stories: I have started a collection of 100 word stories that I will be adding to on a (hopefully) regular basis – see the library tab on the top of the page.


42 thoughts on “#8sunday February 28, 2016 A dish best served cold (second last)

  1. My first time to this story, but I LOVE this snippet. I want to watch the campaign and know what was in it – and I ALWAYS read the credits! =)

    This entire snippet fired up my imagination big-time!


  2. So curious as to what’s going to happen with the credits, and why she left so suddenly. You certainly know how to hook a reader! Looking forward to next week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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