100 words: shapeshifter

“Shapeshifter, huh? Sounds pretty cool. When did it first happen?”

“I just turned thirteen. I had this dream. And I woke. And I’d shifted.”

“I’da gone nuts! How’d you turn back?”

“It’s kinda hard to describe. I kinda unfocused. Like, you know, when you do with your eyes and those picture things. ‘Cept I did it with my mind.”

“Rad, man. So you do it often?”

“Not too often, I kinda lose my Self when I change, like I really become the thing I change into. It gets hard to think.”

“Can you do it, like, now?”

“Yeah… Sure… RRRRiiiibbbiiiitttt!”


4 thoughts on “100 words: shapeshifter

    1. Thank you Matt. That is the point. Isn’t it? We are flooded with wolves and pumas and bears… What if we got frogs, or ducks, or chickens… How often does life turn up “xray- vision” over “sudoku-fiend”?

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