#8sunday, 16/04/24 The Runaway 6

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next  10 sentences in  my WIP about a boy who grew up in a medical facility and who makes his escape on a Railpod. Blagdan falls asleep, and dreams. (I have included the last two sentences of last week’s post for continuity.) A small boy  is hiding in the ruins of a building, from a Mechanical. The last two lines from the preceding text:

You never got away from a Mechanical. Once you moved you were as good as dead.

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Against his most visceral of instincts, the boy lay face down across the crumbled doorjamb, and surrendered to the cold. His breath faded to the slightest flutter. His core temperature hovered and dropped to dangerously low.

The boy felt his spirit rise from his near corpse and soar to the sky.

There it was!

Swooping in, like the smallest sparrow, he circled the mechanical.

It was a Harvester and not a Terminator. The broad yellow stripes across its upper armature clearly marked its intent. So did the cage in its tow. There was already a rumpled crop, lying in an unconscious heap in one corner.

© Kim Magennis 2016

You can find the preceding text here.

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39 thoughts on “#8sunday, 16/04/24 The Runaway 6

    1. I truly believe that there are things worse than death.. and the Harvester is one of them. But having said that… as long as you are above ground, there is hope. Thanks for your input Jessica.


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