#8sunday, 16/05/22, The Runaway 9

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next 9 sentences a little further along in  Blagdan’s story. He escapes from the Medical Facility, which has been the only home he knows, and flees to the Outer Rim via railpod. He disembarks the next morning. 

Below is the last sentence of the preceding post for context.

Stepping onto the pocked plastcrete platform, he was caught by the wind, and swept along to the ramshackle building.

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It, too, had been gnawed by time, decay and the ancient violence that had scarred the passing city. He fumbled for his ticket. He swiped it across the reader. It registered his trip and opened the grubby door into the artificially lit hall.

It was deserted, and only marginally warmer than the platform had been. The lights flickered sullenly, with a loud buzzing. The blighted wooden seating wilted against blistered, peeling walls. His rain doused boots left a muddy trail across the dusty floor.

Blagdan crossed the narrow hall and, pushing through the double swing doors, and found himself on the side of a well worn dirt track.

© Kim Magennis 2016

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27 thoughts on “#8sunday, 16/05/22, The Runaway 9

  1. The description of this place is certainly setting a mood. I can feel something looming…and I need to catch up, when I’ve got a few more unspoken-for moments to rub together. =D

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  2. Wonderful imagery, I imagine the rail pod doesn’t run on standard tracks, maybe hovers? You’ve done a great job of getting my imagination in gear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are such a sweetie, Teresa. I am working on a compilation of stuff. It is my ambition to publish it. I am still finding my ‘voice’. I have to work on my dialogue and action, next.


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Ed.

      The ticket was to access the station (or what was left of it). Which is unmanned. But the powers that be still control access, and the transport. They want to know where people are going….


  3. Wow, that place seems so bleak. Though, I think it would be better than the sterile walls of the medical facility he was trapped in. Great snippet!

    Liked by 1 person

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