#8sunday, 16/06/05 The Twitch 01

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! For the next few weeks I will be sharing one of the first short stories I wrote. Its title was inspired by a collection of short stories by a South African writer: Harvey Tyson. His book is a sparkling collection of birdwatching adventures and misadventures, and anyone who has been bitten by the birding bug  (or who even knows and ardent birder) will find them hysterically true to life. Below is a link to get your own copy.

The Itch of the Twitch , by Harvey Tyson

My story takes ‘twitching’ into the future, and the Multiverse of Homo Galacticus.

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The two of us were elbow deep in mud. Water was dripping down my neck, and rolling, in icy driblets, between my shoulders. We were lying on our stomachs peering out from our hastily contrived hide. Our binoculars were glued to our faces.

The steady torrent of rain caused the scene to constantly quiver and shift.  All colour was bleached into a drab grey-green. Something flickered in my peripheral vision.

I nudged my partner in the ribs, using the angle of my head to indicate the direction of my sighting. Both of us zoned into the spot: a dark, leafy cave at ground level, some one thousand five hundred meters away to our left.

© Kim Magennis

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43 thoughts on “#8sunday, 16/06/05 The Twitch 01

  1. Absolutely love the description (and I don’t generally like to either read or write description!) in this snippet. I can see them perfectly–now what the heck do they see? LOL Great tease for next week!

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  2. Great scene setting. I have a friend who is an avid, lifelong birdwatcher, and I am sure he would agree with the privations they go through to see the birds. Would like to know what he has seen at the cave.

    Liked by 1 person

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