#8sunday, 16/07/17 The Twitch final

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! For the next few weeks I will be sharing one of the first short stories I wrote. Its was inspired by a collection of short stories The Itch of the Twitch , by Harvey Tyson, a South African writer. This week my story draws to a close

This story takes ‘twitching’ into the future, and the Multiverse of Homo Galacticus.

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Suddenly, the pair turned their heads to the open airspace to our right. An immature Regal Copper crashed through the canopy headed straight for them. The youngling ducked into the cave, and the panicked female took to the air, straight into the claws of the interloper.

Half the size of the Regal Copper, she was doomed from the moment she left the ground. The brief battle that ensued was as bloody as it was terrible. The roars rang in the air, as their tangled bodies tumbled through the air. Suddenly they disengaged, and the small Xenica crashed lifeless to the ground.

Without breaking the rhythm of his flight, the Regal Copper banked towards us, and disappeared into the jungle over our heads.

With shaking hands, I folded up my binoculars, and put them away in their case.


© Kim Magennis

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In case you are wondering:

The  Xenica is actually a breed of dragon as detailed in the Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik. Little is known about this breed, other than when ‘tamed’ it prefers female riders and, is a lightweight. Below is a diagram of the adult Xenica.



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