A Gift of Darkness

Last night, my love, you gave me A Gift of Darkness.
I glimpsed
Our parents’

I remembered
My Soul-deep

The monster grumbled In many voices. The most insidious were Mine And Yours.
Like acid eating flesh They exposed What has not healed.

In the light
I give back this gift:
It is only voices,
Just echoes of old

And when I open another Gift of Darkness I will remember,
It is those other voices I hear
Not Yours and Mine.

©Kim Magennis 2016


4 thoughts on “A Gift of Darkness

  1. The world has developed with so many labels. Too often we view things as good and bad. This poem explores just that supposition and considers that what we see as good and bad may, in fact, be the opposite. I love it!

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