#8sunday, 16/07/31 Monster

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! Today, for your reading pleasure, I submit a 100 word story. The structure is simple: use exactly 100 words to tell a story. In this instance, my story happily falls within the Wewriwa 8-10 sentence limit.

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Carid knew she was in trouble when she could see the whites of the Monster’s eyes. That was long before it opened its deceptively helpless, nearly toothless maw and let out a ghastly roar. Its fetid smell nearly undid her as it lurched towards her on its short fat legs, threatening to engulf her in its rolls of dimpled fat.

She reminded herself that she was a seasoned warrior and had faced down trolls and dragons with nothing more than her sword. She braced herself, feet firmly planted, in preparation for the deadly onslaught.

“Auntie…  Auntie Carid… Pick Jaerga up!”

© Kim Magennis

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