#8sunday, 16/08/07 Annie’s Song 1

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! I am dusting off (another) WIP with the working title: Annie’s Song.  The next few weeks I will share from a passage which has been written from the POV of Gravais, the captain of  a faster-than-light scientific starship ship, which is transporting a new Team which has been assigned by the FOSB (Federation of Sentient Beings) to study a newly discovered planet.

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The dimensions of the Starship were slightly off. Like the designing committee could not quite agree on the set of biometrics that were to be accommodated. The rooms and passages were broad and high ceilinged, but all the consoles, controls and readout panels were set oddly low on the dull grey walls.

Captain Gravais surveyed his small kingdom with satisfaction. His recently roused Navigator and Engineer were taking care of business on the bridge and he was on his way to supervise the awakening of  his passengers from SpaceSleep.

They had arrived together on the shuttle from Federation Headquarters nearly eight decades ago, and had travelled together in suspended animation. At the cryotanks, he checked the life support monitors, and keyed in the reanimation codes.

Erit na Rakh was the first to recover.

© Kim Magennis

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36 thoughts on “#8sunday, 16/08/07 Annie’s Song 1

  1. Yes, reminded me of Alien. A great snippet. Eight decades of suspended animation? I would hope that science has also worked out how to make us all remain looking 21, or waking up and looking 80 is not so appealing. Intriguing story.

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  2. The fact that the passengers had been in deep sleep for almost 80 years took me aback. What a different world they’re going to wake up to. And it took them that long to get from their home planet to this new planet? Mind-boggling. Great descriptions and an intriguing start to this work.


  3. Great descriptions. I wonder if the two different heights seemingly being accomodated has something to do with some kind of clas structure?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’ve got my attention! So very intriguing! Great description, and I’m fascinated with the idea of cryotanks used for long space flights.

    Liked by 1 person

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