#8sunday, 16/10/16 Lab Rat Ch2 02

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

Welcome to another installment of ‘Falling into that New Career’.

Daniel is not your normal hero. In fact, very far from it. Inopportunely rescued from a suicide attempt (by a 2 second admin error), he is plunged into an alternate reality, where he is supposed to be an already deceased ‘specimen’. Fortunately the workers overseeing his ‘collection’ were less than eager to change his status to that required by their paperwork, and he finds himself ‘relocated’. The only problem is, the Multiverse is a pretty big place, and he did not get returned to Earth.

His story continues in this second chapter (Falling into that New Career)  of Lab Rat (this is the working title only) where he finds himself in the Alien Immigration Offices, having to complete ‘paperwork’ with his case worker Zith Grewnfarn.

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“Mr Smith, may I call you Daniel?” Another grunt, Zith placed an interrogative mark against ‘Level III sentience’. “You are currently an undocumented alien. Can you please tell me how you came to be recovered by the Shoreline Shepherds?”

Daniel rummaged through his sluggish mind. What were his options? He immediately rejected ‘making something up’ because he knew that, in his current frame of mind, it would probably end up more bizarre than the truth. So what was left? Tell the truth, and be assigned to a psychiatric facility and dosed up with anti-psychotic drugs; or pretend he couldn’t remember, and make it up as he went along.

“I can’t remember”, he mumbled, remembering only too clearly.

© Kim Magennis

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