#8sunday 16/12/11 LabRat Ch02 09

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

Welcome to the last installment of the second chapter of my still-short-but-growing-longer story about Daniel.

Daniel is not your normal hero. In fact, very far from it. Inopportunely rescued from a suicide attempt (by a 2 second admin error), he is plunged into an alternate reality, where he is supposed to be an already deceased ‘specimen’. Fortunately the workers overseeing his ‘collection’ were less than eager to change his status to that required by their paperwork, and he finds himself ‘relocated’. The only problem is, the Multiverse is a pretty big place.

His story continues in this second chapter (Falling into that New Career)  of Lab Rat (this is the working title only) where he finds himself in the Alien Immigration Offices, having to complete ‘paperwork’ with his case worker Zith Grewnfarn.

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The last, a little alarmingly, was an indemnity clause where he undertook to hold the Galactic Government of Argle entirely free of any blame for any loss or damage incurred by him or his progeny, irrespective of whether the aforesaid Government or any of its duly elected agents were deemed guilty of negligence, misconduct or incompetence in the performance of any of their duties with respect to his induction.

“Since it is the end of the day, and since you seem to be a really nice … human, I am going to say that we did the psych evaluation and your profile is normal.  Is there any reason you are aware that you will not be a valuable member of our society and aspire to make a meaningful contribution to our culture?” The last question was read.

Daniel nodded, in a daze. “Good. Thumb print here, photo there, and we are done.”

Daniel was still blind from the flash, and was nursing his bleeding thumb when Dravid stepped through the open doorway. As his vision slowly returned, he found himself standing, face-to-face with an intense, thin, grey alien who shook his right hand enthusiastically.

Kim Magennis 2016

Well, that is the end of this chapter. Would you like more of the story? or something else? Let me know, below…


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20 thoughts on “#8sunday 16/12/11 LabRat Ch02 09

  1. Even in the future, you gotta read the the fine print. Interesting that it encompasses not only his actions but his children’s. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  2. I love the build up in these excerpts! I’m so curious as to what Daniel will be doing. And sounds like there will be no one to help him if he finds himself in trouble with that contract. Great snippet!

    Liked by 1 person

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