#8sunday 16/12/18 LabRat Ch3 01

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

Thank you for your encouragement. Due to popular consensus here is the first installment of the third chapter of my short-but-growing-longer story about Daniel.

Daniel’s suicide attempt is thwarted by a two second admin error by the Alien Specimen Collection Centre. The Alien Specimen Handlers decide to dispose of their ‘error’ by inserting Daniel into another world, and he finds himself being processed as an undocumented alien by the Galactic Government of Argle. During his induction, Daniel inadvertently qualifies himself for assignment to ASS. He is handed over to an earnest alien called Dravid. The story continues in Chapter Three: Waking Up In Someone Else’s Bed.

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It took Daniel a full two minutes to realise that he hadn’t woken up in his own bedroom.

For one thing, it was bright; something his basement bedsit had never been guilty of.

For another, he was comfortably cocooned in crisp, detergent-perfumed sheets, with no hint of lurking mould and without recalcitrant bedsprings digging into the tender bits of his angular body.

Keeping his eyes shut, he gave himself over to the luxuriously unaccustomed feeling of having slept particularly well.

“Good morning, Daniel Smith.” He froze. “Please do not be alarmed, you are safe and well,” the pleasant, cheerful voice continued.

Daniel’s eyes shot open, to an immaculate, empty bedroom.

Kim Magennis 2016

Well, that is the end of this chapter. Would you like more of the story? or something else? Let me know, below…

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50 thoughts on “#8sunday 16/12/18 LabRat Ch3 01

  1. I continue to be intrigued by this story. I wouldn’t mind waking up in such a nice, cozy bed with freshly-washed sheets. But nobody wants to be subjected to a cheerful voice in the morning. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Please, Kim, may I have some more?”

    “Holds laptop out plaintively, because there aren’t any more sentences in it.*

    When this getting-longer story is all done, please tell me where I can buy it! =D

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the description you use in this snippet! It pulled me right into the story. And what a cliffhanger ending! I love it and need more! 🙂


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