#8sunday 17/01/15 LabRat Ch 03 4

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

Here is the next instalment of the third chapter of my short story about Daniel. Before I launch into the usual introduction I would like to express my apologies: I have been tardy in replying recently. If have missed you altogether I am very sorry. It has been hectic this month. I believe that next month should be better, and I will be able to indulge myself in spending much longer sampling all your awesome offerings.

Now on to Daniel’s story.

After being ‘collected’ during an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Daniel is discarded (by the bungling Alien Specimen Handlers) into the Multiverse. He is given Argle Citizenship and enrolled in the A. S. S. He is now discovering the (interesting) conditions of his ‘assignment’.

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As he returned to the bedroom, he marvelled at how much this body felt like it was his. If he had to be honest (and for all his many flaws he had to give himself credit for being painfully honest with himself) it felt better than he had ever felt in his own body. There were no false steps, no misjudgements of distance. And more disconcertingly, there were no uninhabited spaces. He was conscious of every single part of himself, the whole time.

The wardrobe was filled with a large number of loose, hip-length tunics and drawstring pants, all in subtle pastel colours. He selected a matched pair of sedate grey, which fitted his new body perfectly. He sat on the rumpled bed, to buckle his feet in strange looking sandals.

There was a knock on the door, and after a short pause, it slid open. Dravid smiled, encouragingly, “Hello, Daniel!”

Kim Magennis 2017

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22 thoughts on “#8sunday 17/01/15 LabRat Ch 03 4

  1. Hmm. My first thought was “He’s gone from some alien body to a human body.” Not sure why. Maybe the clothing and the fact he feels every inch of himself. Can’t wait for more!


  2. He’s come a long way from the despair he must have felt to commit suicide to liking his new body. I can’t help wondering that this seems too good to be true and what twists are in store?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think it’s interesting that he’s come to accept his new body. But, I wonder if he’ll accept what Dravid has in store for him. You always leave me intrigued and wanting more! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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