#8sunday 17/04/09 Hunter 02

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

I have selected another short-short story to share from my collection. It is called: Hunter. It is 200 words, this is the last half. In case you missed it, you can find the first half here. I hope you enjoy it.

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She stooped to ten meters over the heaving river. The craft grew larger in her view, as it bobbed and twisted in the unruly waves. Dropping another five meters she eased down over the raft.

Locked on to target.”

She kept abreast of the raft and its dissident occupant for just long enough to match its speed and drop another four meters.

Incendiary device deployed.”

Her talons released their burden and she shot up into the air, up and back along the path of the raft. Five seconds later, a vast flame flower bloomed on the water.

©Kim Magennis 2016

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28 thoughts on “#8sunday 17/04/09 Hunter 02

  1. Excellent descriptions. Very intriguing.

    BTW, the link to my post is bad. I left off the “T” in blogspot, hence the red screen and warning. So sorry. It should be: dianeburton.blogspot.com

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  2. Very interesting explanation you gave Teresa. I feel there is more to the story–or I just want more of the story. The picture you paint seems to be a frozen moment that wants more story to follow. Who is the sub-humanoid warrior, does he have a relationship with the biological, is it a specific biological or all of its species or all species? Fascinating subject!

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    1. Thank you, Teresa. Another one of my ‘extrapolations’. Where would advanced weaponry go once all the current avenues have been explored? This would be a sub-breed of human warrior who could ‘drive’ specific biologicals


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