#8sunday 17/05/21 That First Day at Work

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

My apologies for being MIA last week. I had to work on the weekend, and knew I would not be able to spend enough time doing justice to all your awesome snippets. I plan to catch up this week, and look forward to your posts.

I am returning to Daniel Smith’s Story. It is still only tentatively titled “LabRat”, although it has reached a modest 10300 words or so.

BLURB: Inadvertantly ‘rescued’ (by a small admin error) seconds before committing suicide, Daniel is thrown into the Great Wide Multiverse and more adventure and misadventure than his otherwise mediocre life as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman could prepare him for. He is assigned to the ASS ( Alien Sentience Services) and promptly given a ‘new look’ and put into ‘training’.

The last piece I shared with you had him waiting for his recruiter, after discovering he had been ‘rehoused’ in a maniquin-like body. He discovers he has been relocated to Bancoon, Argle’s third moon and the “Centre of Scientific Development for the entire Populated Multiverse.”

If you would like to catch up the previous (short) chapters are here:

1 The Unwanted Package

2 Falling into That New Career

3 Waking Up in Someone Else’s Bed

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“The post-testing re-configuration function does not self-activate.”

“Agreed, even though the stressor is well within the design parameters.”

Quorn and Halt were peering down at Daniel’s puddled form on the floor of what Daniel had started to privately call his Temple of Doom.

This was the fifth time they had melted him with heat the equivalent of a small supernova.

Even though they had told him that he was indestructible the whole thing just felt wrong. The two earnest scientists had tried, somewhat fruitlessly, to convince him of this fact with incomprehensible scientific jargon, diagrams and charts.

After an hour of resistance he had been physically manhandled into the transparent cylinder that he had come to loathe so well. He had cowered in the one end of it as they turned up the heat.

The sensation was something beyond his most nightmarish imagining. Even so, Daniel could honestly say he had not felt pain, just terror.

©Kim Magennis 2017

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29 thoughts on “#8sunday 17/05/21 That First Day at Work

  1. Fascinating! The blurred lines between the form he is now and his inability to disconnect with human notions of what feels right or wrong. It seems he thinks he should feel pain–and I suspect that might be at the root of much of his terror. 🙂 Love this story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you’re back with this story. Poor Daniel. Love the last line. If I were him, I’d wonder what kind of sadists those two are. Great snippet.

    Liked by 1 person

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