#8sunday 17/05/28 That First Day at Work 2

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For the next few weeks we are sticking with Daniel Smith’s Story. It is still only tentatively titled “LabRat”, although it has reached a modest 10300 words or so.

BLURB: Inadvertantly ‘rescued’ (by a small admin error) seconds before committing suicide, Daniel is thrown into the Great Wide Multiverse and more adventure and misadventure than his otherwise mediocre life as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman could prepare him for. He is assigned to the ASS ( Alien Sentience Services) and promptly given a ‘new look’ and put into ‘training’.

We last found Daniel on Bancoon, Argle’s third moon, and a scientific research centre. Daniel has spent his first day with ASS being melted.

The sensation was something beyond his most nightmarish imagining. Even so, Daniel could honestly say he had not felt pain, just terror.


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When he had first felt the molecules in his body liquefy he thought he would lose his mind.

By the third time, he had started to feel himself slipping from his solid self to a gloopy, sticky mass with a smidgen of detachment.

“Irrespective of what state your body attains, your basic senses will function normally. Each molecule of your matter contains every sense and intelligence: they are not extant in separate loci.” Halt had peered at him earnestly as he tried to explain.

During the morning testing the once earnest expression on Quorn’s face had changed from surprise, through disappointment, to a pained look of disbelief. He and Halt had poured over printouts and poked at computer screens with scrawny grey fingers. They had mumbled between themselves, voices rising in occasional dissent. Daniel could feel the heat of their reproachful stares, as he lay there.


©Kim Magennis 2017

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34 thoughts on “#8sunday 17/05/28 That First Day at Work 2

    1. Thank you Elaine. Don’t you find that ome people can make you feel like you broke something (like a universal law) if you don’t fit their expectations?


  1. If that’s how you treat characters you like, I’d hate to think what you will do to the ones you don’t like! LOL Very imaginative and original excerpt -and a terrifying ordeal for poor Daniel. Great piece of writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daniel certainly has his challenges in this new world, to say the least! I’m in awe of your imagination and can’t wait to read whatever comes next for our hapless hero. Great snippet!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, that would be such a weird, maybe even horrible feeling. But, I think it might prove useful in the future? Maybe he could learn to control it somehow? I’m curious to find out where you take this story next. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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