I got this idea from a Twitter prompt, in which we were urged to get down an entire story in a mere 100 words.

Excluding the title, the piece was to consist of exactly 100 words – not 99, not 101. Hyphenated words (age-old) equal one word, dashes count as one word ( pausing – she frowned (4 words)).

These are some of my attempts.

Monster (2016-07-31)

Thief  (2016-02-13)

The Dance (2016-02-24)

Release (2016-03-02)

Bedfellow (2016-03-09)

Diagnosis (2016-03-16)

Exorcist (2016-03-23)

Interview (2016-03-30)

Shapeshifter (2016-04-09)

Red (2017-01-12)

As always, your impressions and comments are more than welcome.

If you would like to make suggestions or submit a link to your 100 words, please feel free to do so in the comments below.