Being a Gemini has it’s pros and cons. One is our love affair with words, the other is our short attention span.

So the solution is elegant: micropoetry.

I am very visual, so I have included the inspiring pictures I have acquired whilst trolling FaceBook and Twitter. (If any of these pictures happens to be yours, and I have not acknowledged you, I apologise. Please let me know and I will either  remove it or appropriately credit it to you with your permission to use it.)

So… with no more ado…

001  002  003  004  005

232 honesty


The below links will take you out to my Blogger site. These are the ‘pick of the bunch’ as voted by visits.

010 To Converse a While: Green Knight

024 To Converse a While: Fascinated Fish

026 Serengeti Spring

027 To Converse a While: Leopard

039 To Converse a While: To Kiss a Frog

056 To Converse a While: Bliss

058 To Converse a While: What You See Is What You Get

066 To Converse a While: Motherlove 04

094 To Converse a While: Weeds

097 To Converse a While: Seeing

125 To Converse a While: Sculpture



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