AWAD – B is for … brumal

Winter brings with it many particularly brumal delights: crackling fires; snuggly winter pyjamas, and rich foamy hot chocolate. There is a particular quality to the light which is sharp in the crisp, dry air. The nightime neighbourhood is filled with the smell of wood fires, and in the day the grass is golden yellow. The Earth bares her skin, as the foliage thins and dies … Continue reading AWAD – B is for … brumal

AWAD – B is for … bellicose

“So Angela, what is the mood like out there?” The Headmistress tipped her head towards the window overlooking the School’s playing fields. “Quite frankly, Mam? I would have to say bellicose. The Girls have not taken very well to the imposition of the new disciplinary measures. The Prefects are all hiding in their Common Room and refuse to come out and the Staff have locked … Continue reading AWAD – B is for … bellicose

AWAD – B is for … bathetic

“Oh, Mr Green, we do so love your books, don’t we Mary?” Mary nodded her head, energetically, gray curls bobbing against her chin. “And we were absolutely devastated to hear about your..” Jane’s  voice dropped to an anguished whisper “… unfortunate circumstances. Weren’t we Mary?” “So devastated.” Mary echoed, her voice catching on the last syllable. John stared at the appalling couple. Jane was dabbing … Continue reading AWAD – B is for … bathetic