100 Words: Exorcist

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Annie’s song – Anuritha kha Illicg

Annie’s skin crawled with the stares of the morning commuters. The sole shocking abberant among the massed perfection of evolution’s prime product. Ever since Annie’s body had failed to take on the accepted adult form, horror, scorn and disgust had dogged kir every step. Ke was pitifully frozen in between male and female, having enough of both and not enough of either to be considered a person.

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Annie’s Song – Erit na Rakh

Erit blinked. “Sold?” the word had lengthened and risen in tone. Her clutchmate paused, “You are the only one who had any of the skills required. Skrit, Tesrit and I are already indentured to the Company. You are the only one left. With your assignment, we may be able to repay the last of the Brood debts. We stand a chance of our offsprings’ offspring regaining a place in Society.” Continue reading “Annie’s Song – Erit na Rakh”

Annie’s Song – Olwen Anstelholm

The utilitarian desk was swamped with heaps of paperwork. Folders, files and scraps of paper, collected in drifts of dreary neglect.

“It’s either this or a retraining, Olwen. You have no idea the strings I had to pull to get you onto this project. You are not exactly the most popular protégé the Institute has produced.”

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