141 Soul-food

your words feed my soul you write on my spirit-house walls they echo your thousand voices your whispers haunt my mind prejudice, passion, presumption my task is to hear the stories and see for myself their generosity, grace, bravery ©Kim Magennis 2016 Continue reading 141 Soul-food

#8sunday July 05 , 2015 Poem: Are you me?

It’s Weekend Writing Warriors time again. This would have been my submission, I offer another poem.

My rhythm is out, and I missed the deadline again! (Our family drama seems to play itself out on Saturdays leaving me drained, disoriented and out of step. Such is life!)

#8sunday July 05 , 2015  Poem: Are you me? Continue reading “#8sunday July 05 , 2015 Poem: Are you me?”