#8sunday, 17/01/08 LabRat Ch3, 02

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors!  I trust that you all had a magnificent Festive Season and are all suitably inspired for a productive and entertaining 2017?

Here is the next instalment of the third chapter of my short-but-growing-longer story about Daniel.

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#8sunday, 16/08/28 Annie’s Song 4

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

Just a heads up: I will be absent for the first two weekends in September. I am going with my daughter (and her father) to Dallas, Texas to set her up for the 2017 Academic year at the University there. Exciting and scary, at the same time. I will, however be back on the 18th of September.

This week I continue to share from my WIP with the working title: Annie’s Song which has been written from the point of view of Gravais, the captain of  a faster-than-light scientific starship ship, which is transporting a new Team which has been assigned by the FOSB (Federation of Sentient Beings) to study a newly discovered planet.

Gravais has released the Team from SpaceSleep and they have all been successfully revived. 

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