#8sunday November 22 , 2015 The Unwanted Package

Greetings Weekend Writing Warriors! I have chosen something much lighter to share in this round of snippets. These are the first 10 sentences in a sci-fi short story about a down-and-out human called Daniel. (Creative editing alert, there are a lot of REALLY short sentences. Apologies to my devoted friends who got to read this series earlier this year.)

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A very British form of protest

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Someone was recently convicted of disrupting prime minister’s question time—called PMQ by those in the know—by throwing marbles in the general direction of the MPs. (“Marble-throwing PMQs protestor gets suspended prison sentence”) No, that’s not the part that strikes me as particularly British. We’ll get to that.  But before we do, I should explain that it takes… Continue reading A very British form of protest

Drag Artist

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Ryan Burke I know I’ve found something special when I am have a terrible time choosing what NOT to include in my post. This is perhaps the best example of that I have ever encountered. These are the self portraits of photographer, makeup, and visual artist Ryan Burke. I spent so much time gorging myself on his pictures last night, I’m amazed (and a little… Continue reading Drag Artist

Storming the Castle of Success

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Nothing in my life has ever been easy. At times, I get down about that. Imagine success is a castle.  For some people, the drawbridge just opens and in they go.  They are welcomed with rainbows, unicorns, leprechauns, fuzzy bunny rabbits, and juggling clowns.  Nice clowns, not scary ones.  The ones who make you balloon animals. I’m not knocking them.… Continue reading Storming the Castle of Success