Hello there!

Thanks for dropping by. This is a place where I share my writing experiments.

So, if you are not averse to whimsy, science fiction, and an interesting dose of the paranormal, come on in.

If you have enjoyed what you’ve read, please click on the ‘like’ box at the bottom of  the page or post. Or better still, make a comment. Writers live off feedback (and liters of coffee).

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5 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. Absolutely Charmaine. I have shared the Amazon link on Facebook and Twitter. It is the very next on my must-read list. Sending you my bestseller booksale fairies 😊


  2. Thanks for checking out my post, Kim. I know your writing is different from mine but we do seem to enjoy our snippets each week. I’d so appreciate if you’d give my latest release When Double Becomes Single a read. Sales are slow and this author writes constantly. What a job for an antique woman.


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