Weekend Writing Warriors

Every Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors invites writers (of all shapes and sizes) to submit 8-10 sentences of a work or work in progress. It is a great way to put yourself out there and to connect with a vibrant and supportive community of other writers. Click on the links below:

LabRat Ch4 03

LabRat Ch4 02

LabRat Ch4 01

Rewired 02


Farmer 02

Farmer 01

LabRat Ch3 03

LabRat Ch3 02

LabRat Ch3 01

LabRat Ch2 08

LabRat Ch2 07

LabRat Ch2 06

LabRat Ch2 05

LabRat Ch2 04

LabRat Ch2 03

LabRat Ch2 02

LabRat Ch2 01

Older submissions:

#8sunday, 16/08/07, Annie’s Song 1

#8sunday, 16/07/31 Monster

#8sunday, 16/07/17 The Twitch final

#8sunday, 16/05/29 The Runaway 10 (final)

#8sunday March 6,2016 A dish best served cold (final)

#8sunday January 17, 2016. The Unwanted Package. End of Chapter 1

#8sunday November 15, Birdie final

#8sunday July 26, 2015 Scott’s Story 14

#8sunday July 05, 2015 Poem Are you me?

#8sunday June 28, 2015 Poem

#8sunday Mar 01, 2015 Orida Dreams

To see what the other Weekend Writing Warriors have submitted, click on the link below.

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