#8sunday Mar 08, 2015 Annie’s Song, Erit awakens

Every Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors invites writers (of all shapes and sizes) to submit 8 sentences of a work or work in progress. It is a great way to put yourself out there and to connect with a vibrant and supportive community of other writers. This is my submission

#8sunday Mar 08, 2015 Annie’s Song, Erit awakens

Erit na Rakh was the first to recover. Her slender scaled form stirred. Her golden eyes sprang open as she became conscious of her surrounding. “We have arrived?” her soft voice was almost a whisper. “We have arrived,” Gravais confirmed. He helped her into a seated position and handed her a glass of restorative. Her elegant tail wrapped against her thigh and calf as she drank deeply.

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20 thoughts on “#8sunday Mar 08, 2015 Annie’s Song, Erit awakens

    1. Thank you Teresa. I visited your site and failed to negotiate your comments section. So you either have 15 repeats or none. Sorry. I have a suggestion regarding the name and pronunciation, if you did not receive my message. I really enjoyed your post. thank you


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