#8sunday 16/05/01 The Runaway 7

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors!  These are the next  9 sentences in  my WIP about Blagdan, who escapes a Medical Facility via Rail pod to the City limits.  He falls asleep and dreams. In astral form, he comes across a dreaded Mechanical which he identifies as a Harvester, with a trailer in tow.

I have included the last line from the preceding text for continuity.

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There was already a rumpled crop, lying in an unconscious heap in one corner.

Arms and legs tangled obscenely with tousled heads and pale white torsos. Unconscious, semi-naked and now lost to some unimaginable fate. The boy knew each one. They had scavenged and squabbled together through the ruins and bitter winter.

Aching with loss he fled to hide in the eves of a roofless church a few meters from where his abandoned body lay.

The train shuddered, and Blagdan struggled up from the depths of his dream.

The rail pod was an oasis of light adrift in a desert of implacable blackness. Looking out the window was pointless, as there was nothing to see, other than his ghostly reflection and a faint shadow of his breath.

© Kim Magennis 2016

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55 thoughts on “#8sunday 16/05/01 The Runaway 7

    1. Thank you, Teresa. I want to keep connected with the Reader during long pieces of narrative, and sensory input is a way I am experimenting with. I am glad it worked.


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