#8sunday September 27 , 2015 Birdie 08

Hello it is time, again, for Weekend Writing Warriors! This is my next 10-sentence-snippet in my latest short story. This piece has been edited to fit the 8-10 sentence requirement

#8sunday September 27 , 2015 Birdie 08

This story is told from the point of view of a ‘haunt’. She is trapped in a limbo of homeless wandering, when she meets an orange cat and its human child. After an encounter with the child’s abusive father the trio escape into the nearby wilds.

To read the preceding text click here. The story continues with the following 10 sentences:

“Miss? Sorry Miss! It’s getting dark, Miss. We need to find shelter. I know a place, if you can walk?”

I groaned, and staggered to my feet, with her bony shoulders under my hands. She was thin and fragile, but yet substantial enough to lead me to another, even more run-down shack in the darkening woods.

I woke again, to the flickering shadows of a candle creating a mad chiaroscuro on the shack walls. The first recognizable thing I saw was the orange cat, with its yellow eyes. As soon as I met its gaze, it trotted up to me and butted my forehead with its striped head.

© Kim Magennis 2015

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