#8sunday 17/03/12 Farmer 01

Greetings, Weekend Writing Warriors! 

After a rather longer than expected hiatus, I am back. I wish I could say that I spent the time laying down lots of magical words, but I would be lying.  I found I needed to spend my time and energy on survival rather than my art. But, the written word is a forgiving lover and here I am.

I have selected a short-short story to share from my growing collection of pieces that I plan to publish – one day, in the not too distant future. It is called: Farmer

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Harvest was always a bittersweet time for H’rald. Contemplating the results of a full growing season was inclined to both gratify and humble him. Looking at his latest crop, neatly stacked in a mere five stasis crates, it occurred to him that it was a paltry return for the expense of yet another year of his precious life force.

Admittedly, the early days of uncertainty intrinsic to Farming had been mitigated by the innovations that New Science had brought, but it still was a personally expensive way to contribute to the Greater Good.

As much as he loathed it, he knew he reeked of obsequious anxiety when the Crop Committee arrived to collect his offering. It was only when all the paperwork had been completed and stamped, and they had expressed their corporate satisfaction, that he was able to look at their official valuation: Fifty thousand galactic credits. H’rald only realised then that he had been holding his breath.

He was safe from the Debt Hounds for another year, with enough to get the highest quality seed for the new season. And enough to let his field lie fallow for the optimum fifty days. Even enough to get the best fertiliser for the transplanting of his precious seedlings.

©Kim Magennis 2017

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42 thoughts on “#8sunday 17/03/12 Farmer 01

  1. I grew up on a farm and your alien world seems very familiar to me. The cost of seed, the taxes due, the tremendous work involved for an unpredictable outcome. Well done.

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  2. Welcome back, Kim. We all need breaks to get ourselves back into routines. This piece is intriguing. You’ve explained the currency by what it can buy instead of what it’s worth in our world. Good job. Now for the other shoe to fall.

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  3. Great to have you back, Kim! His passion for farming comes across so clearly in the final paragraph. The thinks he thinks of buying with his hard earned credits mostly have to do with his future crop. Loved the feeling of this. Do we find out what the crop is?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome back, Kim. We missed you. This snippet is a great example of how something as simple as capital letters can change the feel of a passage. All these capitalized entities feel like forces of nature poised to swoop down on your hero.

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